General Terms and conditions of Use is an independent, user-friendly environment for users to potentially grow a Cryptocurrency portfolio. is not, does not intend to and does not wish to be associated any FIAT money transactions. is and will remain a fully decentralized cryptocurrency, having no connection with the global banking system.

  • Working on a peer-to- peer platform is a secure, open source, decentralized cryptocurrency network
  • Users of (the user) acknowledge that Virtual Cryptocurrencies are not legal currency and not regulated by any governments. Crytptocurrencies include, and are not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Thorncoin. Any change in regulatory or the legislative system of any state of a country or any country may directly impact the value of any crypto currencty. Likewise, changes at an international level may also have a direct impact on the value of any cryptocurrency.
  • Prevention of access to due to technical difficulties may be temporary or permanent depending on the severity of the problem or damage.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions cannot be reversed and incidental or accidental transdactions cannot be recovered.
  • Access to and use of is restricted to individuals over the age of 18 years old, or who are considered to be mature according to legislation or home country laws.
  • can refuse access and restrict the use of the system to any person or entity. Likewise, may also suspend or delete any account considered fraudulent or is suspected of conducting fraudulent activities.
  • The user must agree to use their true name and identity at all times and in all places on the system.
  • maintains the rights to block any user who is considered to hold multiple accounts in our system. Should an account be prohibited the user will be required to immediately withdraw their cryptocurrency wallet.
  • prohibit the use of then the network to organise, participate, be associated with or be used in any criminal activity that might cause any form of physical and/or financial harm to individuals or business.
  • is not a financial advisor. The user acknowledges that he or she is not relying on or any of its representatives for decision making purposes for personal or business investments. Any individual or company seeking financial advice should approach a registered and legal financial advisor before making an investment decision. It must be noted that trading or investing in cryptocurrencies carries significant risk for your capital.
  • The user acknowledges that cryptocurrency is highly volatilely worldwide and the price of any asset is unpredictable. It should be noted that the cryptocurrency environment could result in a significant loss in very short period of time.
  • cannot be held responsible should a be unable to access his or her account, due to technical difficulties. Should a user activate their 2FA protection ensure you your device is not lost as this may result in lost access to your account.
  • cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss suffered by a user due to a technical or a hacking incident that might affect the system.
  • User using understand that there is no guarantee of a profit and there is also no guarantee or assurance of their crypto-capital should the system fail at any point.
  • maintains the right to alter the holding algorithm, interest rates and payment structures at any time and without notice. maintains rights to implement new rules, terms and conditions to the platform at any time.
  • Payments made within the staking programs will only be paid in virtual currencies, these are not a legal tender. maintains the rights to change the payment virtual-currency at any time. All accrued interest is calculated by a formula take into consideration the current price of cryptocurreny.

No warranties is delivered “as is,” with all faults or unfixed bugs. expresses no representations or warranties, of any kind related to the system or any of the materials contained within it. Nothing contained on must be interpreted providing financial or investment advice.

General Risk Disclosure

Investing or trading in virtual currency is high risk. Cryptocurrencies are very volatile globally and can result in significant losses matter of minutes. Furthermore, legislative and regulatory changes or actions at state or on international levels can dramatically change any crypto currency value. A User must never invest capital they are not willing to lose.